energy healer and spiritual teacher

As a wellness professional, I work in partnership with you to transform your relationships, career and day-today life with practical tools with a spiritual twist.  Each day is meant to live life with joy, love and meaning.  Together we will clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for success.

Healers and spiritual teachers can assist you in all areas of life, such as:

  • Romantic relationships

  • Family relationships

  • Stress and anxiety reduction

  • Career coaching

  • Resume creation

  • Life purpose


heartmath mentor

As a HeartMath coach, I teach you simple, user-friendly mental and emotion self-regulation tools and techniques that people of all ages and cultures can use in the moment to relieve stress and break through to greater levels of personal balance, stability, creativity, intuitive insight and fulfillment. 


Learn to enter your optimal state through coherence. You can measure the connection with an EKG and actually observe how stress responses behave and what they do to our bodies.

What is Coherence?

It is a state of synchronization between your heart, brain and autonomic nervous system.  You can think of coherence as a simultaneous state of relaxation, readiness and revitalization.


Coherence improves performance, health and emotional well-being.

  • Measure heart rate variability (HRV) to assess the state of the
    autonomic system

  • Inner Balance app and technology measures in real-time

  • Retrain your stress response in the moment

  • Adults and kids can lower stress levels in only 6 weeks

  • Connection between stress and sleep


Did you know?

*Your heart sends more messages to your brain than your brain sends to your heart?

*Your heart pulses out a rhythmic pattern that reflects the emotions you are feeling.


*Every heart beat puts out about 2.5 watts of electricity; that’s enough to light a small light bulb!

*The electromagnetic field around each of us, produced by the electricity of your heart beat, can be measured three to four feet all around the body.

*The next largest electromagnetic field is around the brain, and it is measured at about one inch around the cranium…

 …yet we plug into the lesser energy source and wonder why it’s so hard to get anything done or to feel better more quickly.


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